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The Smartest Move
Zena At Workfest

Zena Everett has more knowledge, experience and, indeed, insight as to how recruiters work and corporates hire than anyone I know. — Ann Swain, Chief Executive, Association of Professional Staffing Companies

You are career magic – I have been offered both positions and I am totally stuck as to which to take! — Hannah.


Zena Everett


22 Jan 2017 — Thanks for sharing @careersmag

20 Jan 2017 — Right back at you, great to catch up with everyone

20 Jan 2017 — So good to see you and your other half @megburtoncoach. Keep reminding him how lucky he is!

20 Jan 2017 — Great to see you again @pospsychologist. Thought you were glowing, now I know why. Sugar free suits you!

13 Jan 2017 — Zena retweeted @PaddyHQ: Love this. Thanks @ZenaEverett1

13 Jan 2017 — Zena retweeted @LadyValetta: Seriously sound advice. Whatever your profesdion.

13 Jan 2017 — Mind Flip: The Secret to Career Success

13 Jan 2017 — Here's a small bit of inspiration for you. I hope you like it, please share it if you do (even better like it and s…

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11 Jan 2017 — We are all more than our job, but sometimes it is hard to remember this. Thanks for the quotes @SophieBrownHP…

11 Jan 2017 — You are a pretty exceptional 11 year old! @SophieBrownHP @Refinery29uk

11 Jan 2017 — Jeremy Corbyn needs to distinguish between the professional recruitment market & vulnerable low paid workers @apsco

11 Jan 2017 — Love these: 'She only makes the tea anyway': the 10 worst excuses for not paying minimum wage via @HRGrapevine

03 Jan 2017 — Thought for today: If you knew you were at the top of your game and would succeed at whatever you set your mind to, what would you aim for…

19 Dec 2016 — Zena retweeted @jennylandreth: I'm worried that people might miss this as it was tweeted at 2am. I'm sure KH wouldn't want it lost.

19 Dec 2016 — Women voting for Bridget Jones is like men voting for Andy Capp. A funny, fictional character but not a role model…

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Zena is an absolute star. She will transform the way you look at your career forever.

Graham Norton

I coach people to make the smartest moves, either within their organisation or outside it: onwards, outwards, upwards or inwards.

My clients are ambitious professionals, often at critical decision points of their careers and often working at or aiming for Board or Partnership level. Coaching helps them to formulate a career strategy, finesse their leadership skills and impact, and keep their focus firmly fixed on the direction they want their career to take.

I have supported individuals across functions and professions in the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. My client list includes: the Equity Charitable Trust, Oxford University’s Said Business School, Goodyear Dunlop Tyres, the Royal Brompton Hospital, Reckitt Benkiser, the School for Creative Start-ups, The City UK, Veolia, the House of Commons, Rexam Plc, Macmillan Publishing, Westminster Mind, the Royal College of Art, St. Gobain and Hiscox. I work with individuals and groups, from Actors to Actuaries and Mum Returners to Exec MBAs.

So, if it is time to figure out your next smart move — or if you want to put some oomph into your team’s careers — please call me on 0203 287 9505 or email

I liked your approach, you are direct and our conversations were thought-provoking. I didn’t need an arm round my shoulder or an ear, I needed solid career advice and I feel you provided that. I can be quite sceptical with regards the industry you are in, I have always strived to succeed on my own, but I have to say you added serious value to my search and ultimately it was your idea that got me across the line.

Mark T, Sales Lead, Tech Start-Up

I just wanted to drop you a short note to update you and also to thank you, career definitely still in ascendancy. I have been successful in securing an MD role of a £140M turnover company that is part of a £2.2bn t/o group.The reason for thanks is that they wanted a turn round specialist and you may remember that that is how you articulated my skill set. It is initially for 6 months but that will then lead on to other opportunities I'm sure. Many thanks and kind regards.


I worked with Zena when I was looking for a new senior role. She quickly uncovered what was important to me in my next role, taking into consideration my motivations, abilities and interests. With that understanding, she worked with me to sharpen my CV and social media profile, marketing me in a very focused way, which resulted in more and higher quality opportunities presenting themselves. She was able to provide access to her network of head-hunters which increased my visibility in the market. As a result of Zena’s help and encouragement, I was offered a number of great roles within a couple of months. I am very happy to recommend Zena as an executive career coach.

Steven Woods, Senior Director, Price Waterhouse Coopers.

This is a highly competitive job market and organisations expect senior candidates to have first class career management skills. For instance - evidence of sensible decision making, a focused career plan, an achievement-orientated CV and well-mastered interview techniques. It pays to invest in an impartial, expert perspective to cultivate these and that's why we recommend Second Careers.

David Goldstone, Osprey Clarke, Executive Search Consultants.

I relocated to London after a long career with SFR, France's second largest telco. I was looking for another senior marketing position and needed support to understand the UK market. I was recommended to Zena by one of my headhunter contacts. Zena supported me every step of the way, from rewriting my CV right through to the negotiation of my new contract.

Pierre Pfister, General Manager of EMEA Strategic Services, Nexidia

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