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The Smartest Move
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I decided that I wanted to look for new challenges in my career, and move back to live in London, from Belgium where I was EMEA Director Demand Planning for Goodyear Dunlop. Zena was recommended to me as a person who could provide some support to make the decision a successful step in my career. Understand my strength and sell them, best leverage my network. Zena did just that, kept me focused on finding exactly what I wanted in the short and longer term. She also gave me good advice on how to work with headhunters. I am now Global Process Director at GSK so am pleased to say her process worked. — Stefano Ragni

Interview Skills

Do you sell yourself with confidence at every interview?

Most interviews are lost in the first few minutes. Research has proved that Interviewers form an impression early in the interview which they seek to confirm in the rest of the meeting. It is called the ‘similar-to-me’ effect — does the candidate fit in here and how do they compare to the preceding ones? There’s a huge amount of subconscious bias in an interview process. I have interviewed thousands of people, both as a recruiter and career coach, and find they rarely prepare well enough. The candidate who is best prepared gets the job.

Interview training with me is RIGOROUS. Your real life ones will be a breeze after this. As well as all the obvious questions — the CV grilling, strengths, weaknesses, five year plan etc — I help you master that opening pitch that makes all the difference to getting the job.

We will cover:

Interview coaching costs are £350 for a face to face session (2 hours) or £250 by SKYPE. Can you afford not to get the job you want?

I am a Senior Architect and Urban Designer, originally from Serbia, but I did my MSc at the LSE and I am a Chartered Member of the RIBA. I have worked on many different projects both in the UK and internationally and advised national, regional and local authorities on spatial and socioeconomic development of their cities and regions. It’s been so helpful to be trained on how to define my core strengths and experience and then articulate these at interview. I think we all know what we can do do and the skills we offer, but it can be hard to get this message across when we are selling ourselves, rather than a client project. Zena has really helped me to step back and see myself objectively so that I can tailor my message appropriately. Zena really cares about her work and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Gorana Shepherd AA Dipl Msc (LSE) ARB RIBA

I’m a headhunter working on global C-suite positions. It’s imperative that potential candidates have researched extensively, can differentiate themselves, have clear career goals and can close powerfully. I recommend that anyone with rusty interview skills set up a session and be ‘Zenafied’ so that they can compete at this level.

Jane Davenport, Consilior Talent Partners, London

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