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Zena Everett has worked with Mumsnet now on a number of occasions and we would not hesitate in working with her again. Her approach is professional, warm and enthusiastic and the feedback from those who attend her courses is always exemplary. If you are looking for a course to build your confidence, you would be hard pushed to do better. — Patrick Keogh, Mumsnet


I help people return to work more quickly, understand where they want to go next in their career, find their transferable skills and boost their career confidence. As well as bespoke training in organisations (across industries from financial services, media organisations to the NHS), I regularly run courses for groups like Mumsnet, the Equity Charitable Trust, Working Families and the Chartered Accountants' Benevolent Association. I’ve worked with everyone from Mum Returners to Actors to Actuaries.

I have two types of courses:

For more information please call me on +44 203 287 9505 or email me at

I also loved a session we had with career coach Zena Everett. I seriously filled up about six A4 pages of notes during her talk, she pretty much gave us all a free coaching session and helped us think about what we want to do. Then she told us like it is when it comes to the recruitment process and what companies are looking for in applications and interviews, and told us how to network online to land a dream job and better business connections. If you have any career concerns I definitely recommend booking a session with Zena! It will sort you right out!


First of all I want to thank you for your energising session at Workfest. Your clarity and passion made your session the best of the day. You have given me a lighting bolt into positive action.


Reading my notes from the fabulous @ZenaEverett1 #workfest session and making a plan #crossroads


@ZenaEverett1 @MumsnetTowers great day #workfest inspired by Zena and Jo Malone. Delegates a great motivated women seeking a new path

Anna Wilson

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