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"My afternoon of coaching with Zena was invaluable in helping me understand my key strengths, focus on my career goals, and crucially translating these into clear and concise answers that I used to impress the Bloomberg panel." — JS

Women Returners

I love supporting women who are returning to work after maternity leave or other short or long career breaks. For busy Women Returners I offer a special telephone coaching programme of three x 60 minute sessions, for an affordable £300 plus VAT.

Why me?

I’m a working mum myself, have run a business and completed a part-time masters degree more than 20 years after my last exam. I know the stresses that combining work and family life can bring. Saying that, the women I coach are usually incredibly good at managing their time: they have learnt to focus on what’s important and to discard the trivial things that really don’t matter (and only you can decide what these are).

The need to please everyone and do a great job in all areas gets women to a certain level in their careers, but as we progress we usually have to ditch the perfectionism and learn when being just good enough is absolutely fine. Good coaching makes you define the outcomes you want to achieve now and gives you focus and clarity.

Thank you so much for all your help. It was a huge deal - you took me from:

  • a very low and not confident level following a horrific accident and intense, difficult rehab, where I was also fair game for knocks from recruitment consultants;
  • to a more confident, focused and positive place and raring to get back into the work place.

The Pareto Principle: Only 20% of your effort and time leads to 80% of your results. Do you know what that 20% is? And what do you do with the rest of your time?

Just some of the topics we have covered include:

Three telephone sessions of 60 minutes each are an affordable £300 plus VAT. These can be held at intervals to suit your particular needs and of course can be combined with my interview coaching or personal branding sessions if you are looking for practical job search support. Please email for more information or call me on 0203 287 9505. I look forward to talking to you.

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