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When I finished my doctorate I had a number of different career options to consider. It was really helpful to spend time with Zena and to have an impartial advisor to use as a sounding board. She helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve and gave me great feedback on how to approach interviews. — Dr Emily Pringle, Head of Learning Practice and Research at Tate


As well as ad-hoc coaching sessions in person or on SKYPE, I offer career coaching programmes and intensive half-day personal branding sessions. These help my clients to define their career goals, identify options to achieving them and then take appropriate action.

I wanted to say a huge thank you for both your direct support at what was quite a hectic time in terms of career decision making and for all the support you have given me these last few years. You really have been instrumental in shaping my thinking and approach to career matters. I was talking to (my wife) about the first time you and I worked together when I left (firm’s name). I have had a fantastic journey in terms of work in the 6 years hence. I have landed roles that I simply would not have thought possible to land and have pretty much trebled my salary. I owe you one!

D, Director, Financial Services

Executive Coaching Programme for High Performers

I coach senior people within their organisation, usually as part of a broader talent management programme to retain and develop top performers. Coaching reinforces strengths, ensures your expensive hires thrive and removes unhelpful thinking that can impact on goal achievement. It reduces cognitive overload and helps focus attention. This accelerates the rate at which individuals meet challenges such as:

Coaching with me is inspiring, though-provoking, effective and liberating. I have an integrative approach, using performance coaching models like GROW, cognitive behavioural coaching (specifically Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching), Transactional Analysis models and Nancy Kline's Time to Think framework.

Download my Introduction To Coaching to find out more about how the programme works.

Cost: £550 per session.

Career Coaching Programme

The Career Coaching Programme is suitable for individuals wishing to improve their skills, behaviours and performance at work in order to step up to the requirements of the next promotion level, as well as those looking to find a new role. We work to agreed goals and milestones using three components:

Total cost — £2,800

Personal Branding Session

Why should someone hire you?

Half day intensive session to help you explore what it is you have to offer a potential employer and sharpen up your pitch in a competitive, digital job market. Successful candidates are specific about what they do and are both good and visible in their sector. This session will help you to define your value proposition and become more focused in your search. You will articulate your career narrative more confidently on your CV, LinkedIn profile, in direct applications and every networking opportunity you create. This will help you to tap into the 'hidden job market' by creating opportunities for yourself rather than applying for the same roles as everyone else. You will understand how to appeal to both recruiters and direct employers and position yourself exclusively. We will follow this up with email and telephone support.

Suitable for people changing jobs (internal promotion or on the external market), particularly if your CV could be targetted more effectively or if you need more focus at interview. The cost is £650.

Please note that I work within the Ethical Guidelines of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. All prices shown exclude VAT.

I also want to thank you for guiding me to this point and helping me to stop panicking! Your extremely positive reaction and enthusiasm to my fledgling idea of management consulting gave me the impetus to take it further and I'm delighted I did. When we first met up, I was completely without ideas as to what to do. The prospect of getting another corporate job filled me with dread. Your encouragement to keep calm, be creative and don't rule anything out was just the advise I needed.

Andrew B.

It was lovely to meet you last week and I just want to say thank-you so much for the Personal Branding workshop. It was incredibly useful and Zena was fabulous - such a wealth of knowledge and expertise presented in a warm, straightforward and engaging way. It was great to explore this stuff with such a creative and interesting group of participants and I was so impressed with the way that Zena immediately grasped the particulars of everyone's individual situation and requirements and tailored responses and advice accordingly.

I left on Thursday feeling inspired and with a much clearer sense of how to proceed and what needs to be done next.

I'm really delighted to have had this opportunity so huge thanks again!

Best Regards, Jo

Zena came highly recommended to me as someone who is an expert in her field, and someone who could offer a more bespoke outplacement service than some of the larger providers which was why I chose her. From the outset Zena was very personable, professional and very knowledgeable about the recruitment market. She was very flexible, and responsive and worked with me efficently and effectively to secure my next role. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zena.

Giles Fairmann, Financial Services

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